Year 6 Spring Revision Set 2

Teacher Specific Information

This Year 6 Spring Revision Set 2 activity checks pupils’ understanding of prefixes, subordinating and main clauses, tenses, punctuation and determiners. Pupils will determine what a prefix means when used in different root words, drag and drop to show whether clauses are main or subordinating, tick to show sentences written in the correct tense, insert punctuation to complete a sentence, and drag appropriate determiners to complete a sentence.

National Curriculum Objectives: 

(3G6.2) Formation of nouns using a range of prefixes [for example super–, anti–, auto–]
(3G3.4) subordinate clause
(4G1.8) determiner
(4G5.7) Use of inverted commas and other punctuation to indicate direct speech [for example, a comma after the reporting clause; end punctuation within inverted commas: The conductor shouted, “Sit down!”]