Tailored learning to maximise potential

Classroom Secrets KIDS is an interactive learning platform for children. It complements the curriculum while allowing them to push themselves further.

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Each child can have their own individual logons and can access our site anywhere, anytime and on any device.


All of our activities are bright, colourful and interactive so that children can enjoy learning online.


Every resource is designed by teachers to make learning entertaining and allow children to put their knowledge into practice.

Suitable for parents and teachers alike, this new service allows children to be targeted with specific information about the key skills connected to  each  part of the core  curriculum  for maths, reading and grammar.

For years 1 to 6, each week of the 12 week programme starts with an age-appropriate,  objective-specific baseline  analysis  incorporating a series of  interactive  questions which will each assess one or more of the  objectives  for  each subject  for that year  group.

How it works

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Assign individual games, or curated programmes

Games are mapped to the child’s need, so you don’t need to worry that they are working on the wrong level game, saving you time in the long run.

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New and existing topics

We teach as we go along so it doesn’t matter if the subject matter is new to the child

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Fun and interactive

Ensure your child starts at the correct level which enable us to track progress so you don’t have to so you don’t need to worry that they are working on the wrong level game, saving you time in the long run.

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What if I only want my child to complete the programme for one subject?

This is absolutely fine. Each subject has its own Personalised Learning programme so you can assign one, two or all three subjects.

What if the child has already covered the subject before?

It doesn’t matter! Whether it be revision for existing topics or new topics, the programmes are wide ranging. We teach through the video tutorials as we go along so it doesn’t matter if the subject content is new to the child or not. All of our games are in different styles with different context so there is less chance of boredom too!

How long will it take the child to complete the tasks each week?

It is difficult to give an exact time as every child works at their own pace, and it will also depend on how many of the objectives they need to practice based on the first assessment. Each video tutorial is around five minutes long, but it could take slightly longer to watch as there are interactive questions to answer in the videos. Each game has between 3 to 5 questions, so would take an average of 5 minutes to complete. If your child takes longer, but gets the answers correct, this is fine. If your child takes a long time to work out the answers and gets them incorrect, it may be worth

trying the year group below first. The good news is that the programme can be accessed at a convenient time that is flexible to fit with everyday life. Plus, as the content for the following week is released on a week-by-week basis, there is no danger of them rushing through it all in one go.

My child is struggling to answer the assessment questions and doesn’t get the activities correct.

If your child is struggling with the assessment questions, the programme will assign video tutorials that talk through the skills needed. These should be watched before moving onto the interactive games to practise the skills. If your child is still struggling with the interactive games after watching the video tutorial, it might be worth your child trying the year group below. This will enable them to recap their previous learning first and build their confidence.

What are the benefits for teachers and parents?

In a nutshell it saves you time and effort. There is no preparation required as we sort the hard work for you. We assess, provide the resources, mark the work, track progress and share the results with you safe in the knowledge that each child is working at their appropriate level. We even provide a printable certificate so the child can celebrate their successes. The content of the programme has been created in such a way that the child can work through it independently. Each element has been planned, created and proofread by a range of teaching staff with over 280 years experience, something we are very proud of. It also supports blended learning.

What our users think

“I have found this to be a very useful resource to support home learning. I have been able to assign tasks to my pupils and see their scores. The children seem to like the activities too.”

Mrs McGarry

“Very engaging and challenging for all of the class. Thanks.”

Mr Scowcroft

“I love classroom secrets because it helps other little children learn and it is really fun”


“A huge range of resources”

J Dearness

“I am so happy I got to know about this site from a friend. Now the children are well engaged despite school closure. Thanks alot.”

N Ukoha

“Classroom secret kids is the best”


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