Year 6 Spring Revision Set 8

Teacher Specific Information

This activity comprises questions designed to test pupils’ understanding of some of the grammar concepts taught across key stage 2 so far. Pupils will determine the correct use of a prefix, sort word types, identify the correct verb tense to complete a sentence, identify a relative clause and highlight the subjunctive in a sentence.

This activity is linked to the Classroom Secrets Year 6 GPS scheme of work.
Questions in this activity are based on content taught so far this year.

National Curriculum Objectives:

English Year 6: (6G4.3) Recognising subjunctive forms
English Year 5: (5G3.1a) Using relative clauses beginning with who, which, where, when, whose, that or with an implied (ie omitted) relative pronoun
English Year 5: (5G1.5b) relative pronoun
English Year 5: (5G6.2) Verb prefixes [for example, dis–, de–, mis–, over– and re–]
Adding ‘de-’, ‘dis-’ and ‘mis-’
English Year 5: (5G4.1b) Using the perfect form of verbs to mark relationships of time and cause
English Year 4: (4G7.1) Standard English forms for verb inflections instead of local spoken forms [for example, we were instead of we was, or I did instead of I done]