Year 6 Spring Revision Set 7

Teacher Specific Information

This Year 6 Spring Revision Set 7 activity includes five GPS questions. Children will identify incorrect use of semi colons, complete sentences using subordinate conjunctions, identify antonyms, identify the passive voice, complete a passage using appropriate pronouns.

This activity is linked to the Classroom Secrets Year 6 GPS scheme of work.
Questions in this activity are based on content taught so far this year.

National Curriculum Objectives:

English Year 3: (3G3.4) Extending the range of sentences with more than one clause by using a wider range of conjunctions, including: when, if, because, although
English Year 4: (4G1.5) Appropriate choice of pronoun or noun within and across sentences to aid cohesion and avoid repetition
(6G5.11) Using semi-colons to mark boundaries between independent clauses
(6G6.1) antonym
English Year 6: (6G4.4) Use of the passive to affect the presentation of information in a sentence [for example, I broke the window in the greenhouse versus The window in the greenhouse was broken (by me)]