Year 6 Spring Revision Set 4

Teacher Specific Information

This Year 6 Spring Revision Set 4 activity checks pupils’ understanding of determiners, subject, verb and object, conjunctions, synonyms and antonyms, adverbs and adjectives. Pupils will select the determiners in a passage, drag and drop appropriate subjects, objects and verbs into sentences, select whether sentences use subordinating or coordinating conjunctions, drag and drop synonyms and antonyms of given words, and highlight word types used in sentences.

This activity is linked to the Classroom Secrets Year 6 GPS scheme of work.
Questions in this activity are based on content taught so far this year.

National Curriculum Objectives:

English Year 6: (3G1.4) conjunction
English Year 6: (4G1.8) determiner
English Year 6: (6G6.1) How words are related by meaning as synonyms and antonyms [for example, big, large, little]