Year 6 Reasoning Test Practice 3

Teacher Specific Information

This Year 6 Reasoning Test Practice 3 activity checks pupils’ understanding of describing movements between positions as translations, recognising and converting mixed number and improper fractions, reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers, identifying multiples and factors (including common factors) and recalling and using equivalences between simple fractions, decimals and percentages.

Pupils will select the correct translation of a shape, identify equivalent improper fractions and mixed numbers, find missing numbers in a given sequence, find common factors of 2 different numbers, and explain their reasoning based on questions on equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.

Questions in this activity are based on content taught throughout KS2.

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National Curriculum Objectives

Number – number and place value
(6N2) Read, write, order and compare numbers up to 10,000,000

Number – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

(5C5A) Identify multiples and factors, including finding all factor pairs of a number and common factors of two numbers

Number – fractions (including decimals and percentages)
(5F2A) Recognise mixed numbers and improper fractions and convert from one form to the other; write mathematical statements >1 as a mixed number
(6f11) Recall and use equivalences between simple fractions, decimals and percentages, including in different contexts

Geometry – position and direction
 (4P2) Describe movements between positions as translations of a given unit to the left / right and up / down graphs