Year 5 Christmas Measures

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Use your knowledge of measurement to answer the questions in this Year 5 Christmas Measures activity.

Teacher Specific Information

This Year 5 Christmas Measures interactive activity includes 10 questions about different measurements for children to answer. Includes weight, volume, capacity, length and distance and some conversion between measurements.

National Curriculum objectives:

(5C2) Add and subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits, including using formal written methods (columnar addition and subtraction)
(5C4) Solve addition and subtraction multi-step problems in contexts, deciding which operations and methods to use and why
(5F8) Read, write, order and compare numbers with up to three decimal places
(5M5) Convert between different units of metric measure (for example, kilometre and metre; centimetre and metre; centimetre and millimetre; gram and kilogram; litre and millilitre)