Year 5 Antonym Matching Activity 2

Learn new and exciting words which mean the opposite of another word you may already know by playing a matching cards game with Year 5 Antonym Matching Activity 2.
Keep practising and see if you can beat your time – the faster the better!

Teacher Specific Information

Year 5 Antonym Matching Activity 2 provides an opportunity for pupils to increase their vocabulary range in a fun way with this matching pairs game. They can even add an extra competitive element by repeating the game and trying to beat their previous time.

Whilst we know the terminology and objectives for ‘synonyms’ and ‘antonyms’ are not introduced until Year 6, we are aware that teachers in other year groups also cover this in order to expand children’s range of vocabulary.

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National Curriculum Objectives

English Year 5 and Year 6: Learn how words are related by meaning as synonyms and antonyms [for example, big, large, little]