Year 5 Add More Than 4 Digits Game

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Practise adding 5-digit numbers together using this fun and interactive Year 5 Add More Than 4 Digits Game! You will be given five different questions to answer to help you practise your addition skills. Can you answer all five questions correctly?

Teacher Specific Information

This Year 5 Add More Than 4 Digits Game comprises five questions designed to consolidate pupils’ understanding of adding together numbers with more than four digits. Pupils will identify the number of exchanges required for a given calculation, select the correct answer to a calculation, add the missing digits to a column calculation, find the total of two given numbers, and complete a bar model.

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National Curriculum Objectives

Number – Addition and Subtraction
(5C2) Add and subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits, including using formal written methods (columnar addition and subtraction)