Year 4 Recognising Apostrophes

Teacher Specific Information

This Year 4 GPS Recognising Apostrophes activity includes 5 questions designed to support recognition of apostrophes for possession and contraction within a variety of sentences. Pupils will identify when the apostrophe has been used correctly; determine the correct position for apostrophes, identify when an apostrophe has been ised correctly for possession and contraction, add the correct form of the possessive apostrophe, and sort words into possessive or contractive.

This activity is linked to the Classroom Secrets Year 4 GPS scheme of work
Questions in this activity are based on the content in Spring Block 1 Step 1 on the Classroom Secrets website where you can find more resources.

National Curriculum Objectives:
English Year 4: (4G5.8) Indicating possession by using the possessive apostrophe with plural nouns
English Year 4: (4G5.8) The grammatical difference between plural and possessive –s
English Year 4: (4G5.8) Apostrophes to mark plural possession [for example, the girl’s name, the girls’ names]