Year 4 Recognise Tenths and Hundredths Game

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Try this Year 4 Recognise Tenths and Hundredths Game and test your ability to recognise tenths and hundredths in a variety of different representations! There are five questions for you to answer, how many of them will you answer correctly?

Teacher Specific Information

This Year 4 Recognise Tenths and Hundredths Game checks pupils’ understanding of representing tenths and hundredths in various forms. Pupils will complete sentences based on how various representations have been completed, use digit cards to complete part-whole models, sort representations of hundredths and tenths, state how many squares in a hundred square are needed to represent a fraction, and identify the correct statement.

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National Curriculum Objectives

Fractions (including decimals and percentages)
(4F6b) Recognise and write decimal equivalents of any number of tenths or hundredths