Year 3 Telling the Time to Five Minutes Game

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Practise your knowledge of reading the time on a clock in this Year 3 Telling the Time to Five Minutes Game. What time is it now?

Teacher Specific Information

This Year 3 Telling the Time to Five Minutes Game checks pupils’ understanding of reading the time from a clock with both numbers and Roman numerals. Pupils will select the clock for the time given, will right the time shown by the clocks, match the times to the clocks, determine who has identified the time correctly and identify the representation of the time given.

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National Curriculum Objectives

(3M4c) Tell and write the time from an analogue clock, including using Roman numerals from I to XII, and 12-hour and 24-hour clocks
(3M4d) Estimate and read time with increasing accuracy to the nearest minute; record and compare time in terms of seconds, minutes and hours; use vocabulary such as o’clock, a.m./p.m., morning, afternoon, noon and midnight