Year 3 Making the Whole Game

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Practise identifying which fractions make a whole in this Making the Whole Game. What is a numerator?

Teacher Specific Information

This Making the Whole Game checks pupils’ understanding of making the whole, using fractions which have the same denominator. Pupils will identify which statement is correct, recognise which pairs of shaded shapes can be combined together to make a whole, calculate what fraction of an object is left in a word problem, drag and drop various representations of fractions onto cards so that they equal a whole and will select the fraction statement that is different to the others in a given list.

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National Curriculum Objectives

Mathematics Year 3: (3F1b) Recognise, find and write fractions of a discrete set of objects: unit fractions and non-unit fractions with small denominators
Mathematics Year 3: (3F1c) Recognise and use fractions as numbers: unit fractions and non-unit fractions with small denominators