Year 3 Compare Numbers

Teacher Specific Information

This Year 3 Compare Numbers activity checks pupils’ understanding of comparing 3-digit numbers using different methods. Pupils will select numbers which could correctly complete a comparison statement, identify missing digits within 3-digit numbers in given comparison statements, drag and drop numbers to correctly complete a comparison statement, recognise the value of representations of two 3-digit numbers to complete a short description and determine whether a statement based on a word problem is true or false.

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National Curriculum Objectives

Number and Place Value
Mathematics Year 3: (3N2a) Compare and order numbers up to 1000
Mathematics Year 3: (3N2a) Read and write numbers up to 1000 in numerals and in words
Mathematics Year 3: (3N3) Recognise the place value of each digit in a three-digit number (hundreds, tens, ones)
Mathematics Year 3: (3N4) Identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations