Year 2 Spring Revision Set 5

Teacher Specific Information

This Year 2 Spring Revision Set 5 activity checks pupils’ understanding of using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, recognising nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, adding the suffix -ly to root words, using commas in a list and using apostrophes for possession. Pupils will insert conjunctions to complete sentences, use a table to sort nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, identify which words create adverbs by adding -ly, determine which sentences have used commas correctly and identify correct use of apostrophes for possession in sentences.

This activity is linked to the Classroom Secrets Year 2 GPS scheme of work. Questions in this activity are based on content taught so far this year.

National Curriculum Objectives

Year 2: (2G3.3) Co-ordination (using or, and, or but)
Year 2: (2G3.4) Subordination (using when, if, that, or because)
Year 2: (2G1.6) adverb
Year 2: (2G1.2) verb
Year 2: (2G1.1) noun
Year 2: (2G1.3) adjective
Year 2: (2G1.6) Use of –ly in Standard English to turn adjectives into adverbs
Year 2: (2G5.5) Commas to separate items in a list
Year 2: (2G5.8) apostrophes for the possessive (singular)