Year 2 Spring Revision Set 11

Teacher Specific Information

This Year 2 Revision – Set 11 activity checks pupils’ understanding of adding suffixes, using apostrophes for contractions and possession and using simple present and past progressive tenses. Pupils will identify which words can I have the suffix -ness added to it; select the words in a short paragraph that need apostrophes; determine which suffixes can be added to a given word; write sentences in past progressive and determine which sentences have been labelled with the correct tenses.
Questions in this activity are based on content taught so far this year.

National Curriculum Objectives

(2G6.3) Formation of nouns using suffixes such as –ness, –er and by compounding [for example, whiteboard, superman]
(2G6.3) Formation of adjectives using suffixes such as –ful, –less (A fuller list of suffixes can be found in the year 2 spelling section in English Appendix 1)
(2G5.8) Apostrophes to mark where letters are missing in spelling and to mark singular possession in nouns [for example, the girl’s name]
(2G4.2) Learn how to use the present and past tenses correctly and consistently including the progressive form
(2G4.2) Correct choice and consistent use of present tense and past tense throughout writing