Plural and Possessive Year 5 Lesson Slides

Teacher Specific Information

These Plural and Possessive Year 5 Lesson Slides have been designed to recap the necessary skills needed to understand plural and possessive apostrophes. The slides are accompanied by a teacher explanation and have interactive questions embedded within to check understanding.

This teaching slide show will be useful for children to watch at home or for extra support as part of an intervention, or whole class activity.

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National Curriculum Objectives

Writing – Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation

English Year 4: (4G5.8) Indicating possession by using the possessive apostrophe with plural nouns

English Year 4: (4G5.8) The grammatical difference between plural and possessive –s

English Year 4: (4G5.8) Apostrophes to mark plural possession [for example, the girl’s name, the girls’ names]