Phonics Phase 5 ay Sound Video in the Phonics Factory

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Enjoy watching this Phonics Phase 5 ay Sound Video. Can you recognise and say the ‘ay’ sound? Can you blend and segment the words with ‘ay’ at the end too? You can play this fun Phonics Phase 5 ay Sound Game afterwards to show what you have learnt!

Teacher Specific Information

Children can learn to recognise and say the ‘ay’ sound by watching this Phonics Phase 5 ay Sound Video. It will also support them with blending to read a word including the ‘ay’ sound and segmenting to spell a word including the ‘ay’ sound. You could encourage them to play our Phonics Phase 5 ay Sound Game after to apply their new learning!

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Development Matters

Children in Reception
(L-7) Read individual letters by saying the sounds for them.
(L-8) Blend sounds into words, so that they can read short words made up of known letter– sound correspondences.
(L-9) Read some letter groups that each represent one sound and say sounds for them.
(L-11) Read simple phrases and sentences made up of words with known letter–sound correspondences and, where necessary, a few exception words.
(L-14) Spell words by identifying the sounds and then writing the sound with letter/s.

Early Learning Goal
(WR-ELG) – Say a sound for each letter in the alphabet and at least 10 digraphs; – Read words consistent with their phonic knowledge by sound-blending; – Read aloud simple sentences and books that are consistent with their phonic knowledge, including some common exception words.

National Curriculum

Year 1
Apply phonic knowledge and skills as the route to decode words.
Reads accurately by blending sounds in unfamiliar words containing GPCs that have been taught.